ÇEMTAŞ is a joint stock company organised to operate on a land of 101 thousand square meters in the Bursa Organised Industrial Zone by the merge of industrialists, businessmen, small craftsmen and public entrepreneurs of Bursa city on 27.01.1970 as , “Arc Furnace based Qualified Steel Manufacturer “ aiming to manufacture steels in compliance with TS, DIN, AISI, SAE norms and as per specific orders.

     At the very beginning, number of founder partners were 863, capital amount was 15 TL. and as of today, after capital increases, it has approx. 5.000 partners in quantity and 100.975.680 TL. in capital.

     ÇEMTAŞ, having put steel unit into force on 09.01.1972, applied ingot casting system in the electrical arc furnace possessing a capacity of 30.000 tonnes/year.

     In 1973, our corporation increasing its capital amount to 50 TL. proceeded to investment studies for rolling mill unit.

     In 1976, upon increase of the company capital to 75 TL., its number of partners increased, as well, and in the year 1976, having completed the investment studies for rolling mill, first product of rolling was achieved at the end of this year.

     In 1981, ÇEMTAŞ increased its capital amount to 150 TL. and when turned to year 1985, it proceeded to studies for modernisation and renewal of qualified remedying and dire strait removal and this time it raised its capital amount to 1.500 TL.

     In 1986, the investments were completed, system of mould cast preventing qualified steel production and spoiling product quality in the last years was left and turned to continuous casting system. So, production capacity reached to 36.000 tonnes.

     The administration requiring to be in line with century and to practise modern technology in ÇEMTAŞ re-proceeded to modernisation studies of Steel work when turned to year 1988.

  • 30 tonnes bottom tapping arc furnace
  • 30 tonnes ladle furnace
  • 30 tonnes vacuum degassing unit
  • Automatic alloy addition system
  • Carbon wire injection unit
  • Wire injection unit and
  • De-dusting unit.

         It proceeded to feasibility studies for investments of main unit.

         ÇEMTAŞ raising its capital in 1990 to 18.000 TL. gave acceleration to its investments and the first trial casting process was successfully achieved in November of 1990.

         ÇEMTAŞ completed its investment by the end of year 1990 in a record time and increased production capacity of steel plant to 130.000 tonnes/ year.

         In 1991, ÇEMTAŞ raised its capital to 57.600 TL. When turned to 1993, it proceeded to modernisation studies of continuous casting machine of steel plant. By means of this investment made under Incentive Certificate , the goal to manufacture steel products which possess specifications required for qualified steels on basis of a system assuring full automatic control, magnetic mixture and slow cooling by a fully closed flow without any human influence was realized.

         During the first half of May in 1995, firstly trial production and later regular production with full capacity was started.

         Since current steel production capacity increased in terms of qualified steel supply by the modernisation held in the steel mill, an inevitable Investment for Modernisation and Enlargement of Rolling Mill was needed which would process by rolling of all billets produced in the steel plant, creating added value, and thus assuring to obtain more qualified products.

         ÇEMTAŞ increased its capital to 288.000 TL. in May of 1997 due to investment of rolling mill calculated to cost 3-3,5 million TL. Furthermore, on 16.06.1997, a meeting of Extraordinary General Committee was held which led to system of registered capital,and within the highest registered capital of 3.000.000, this capital was raised to 1.152.000 TL. in August and to 2.304.000 TL. in November of 1997.

         Investment for modernisation of rolling mill realized by the incentive certificate on 18.12.1995 was completed by the end of 1998. Within the content of incentive certificate no.56331 of 16.06.1998, investment for environment protection in our plant was processed, which is completed with the de-dusting unit in the steel plant where the most developed technology was used in the first quarter of year 1999.

         At the Ordinary General Committee for 1998 held on 23.03.1999, upper limit of our corporation’s Registered Capital raised from 3.000.000 TL to 6.000.000 TL, at the Ordinary General Committee for 1999 held on 23.03.2000, it was raised from 6.000.000 TL. to 16.500.000 TL, at the Ordinary General Committee for 2004 held on 29.03.2005 it raised from 16.500.000 TL. to 60.000.000 TL, at the Ordinary General Committee for 2007 held on 04.03.2008, it was raised from 60.000.000 TL. to 190.000.000 TL. The deadline to reach the upper limit of the registered capital has been extended until the end of 2017 at our 2012 General Shareholder Meeting on March 22. 2013. Recent paid-up and issued capital of our corporation amounts to 100.975.680 TL.

         Totally about 337 (31.12.2012) people are employed by our steel plant possessing 153.149 tonnes/year steel production capacity and by our Rolling mill equipped with 228.157 tonnes/year capacity of rolling mill production.