Quality Policy

     Describes the policy which ÇEMTAŞ management will follow in order to reach quality targets and customer expectations.

     Preventive methods will be applied in order to obtain the planned quality, and all staff will be motivated for “non-defect” material production.

     Everyone must be responsible for the quality of their own work and the required convenience for this must be supplied to them. In addition when quality is concerned everyone’s responsibility is not limited with their own works.

     To be well known about safely and just in time delivery with uniform quality.

     Each staff in the company have the responsibility of telling the non conformities about quality to the authorized people even if the subject is out of their job description.

     To make the required revisions in the quality system by continuous improvement.


     ÇEMTAŞ which produces quality steel from scrap, starting from the management all staff, takes required precautions in order to decrease risks in the aspect of environmental and occupational safety.

     Risks in the aspect of environmental and occupational safety are evaluated; actions are taken for the high risk factors.

     Protecting natural resources and saving energy are taken as the principle.

     Obeying regulations and the other requirements about environmental and occupational safety is guaranteed.

     Suppliers and subcontractors are supported for responsibility of environmental and occupational safety.

     Required precautions are taken for providing health and safety of the staff, subcontractors and guests.

     Studies are made in order to prevent internal environmental pollution and decrease internal wastes.

     New investments are made by paying attention to the environmental and occupational safety.

     Trainings are given to the staff and subcontractors continuously, in order to make them conscious about environmental and occupational safety.

     It is guaranteed that by executing the studies made on environmental and occupational safety; performance of the system will be increased continuously.