Steel Melt Shop

     Steel Melt Shop, having all necessary equipments for manufacturing specialty steels since 1995, can produce more than 250 steel grades.

     In Steel Melt Shop, scrap is charged and melted according to steel grades and customer specific requirements in EAF. Liquid steel is tapped into ladle where it is alloyed and refined by automatic alloying system, argon bubbling and vacuum degassing applications. Being refined, liquid steel is shaped and solidified in CCM. 140x140mm, 160x160mm and 200x200mm square billets are produced in CCM, whole solidification is controlled by computer systems.

  • 30 + DEMAG Germany
  • Eccentric Bottom Tapping (Slag free tapping which contributes lower total oxygen content providing Clean Steel)
  • 18 MVA transformer capacity
  • Carbon and Oxygen Injection by lance manipulator.

  • 30 t Demag, Germany
  • Automatic Alloying System
  • 5 MVA transformer capacity
  • Temperature and oxygen activity measurement in slag and liquid steel ( Electronite Multi Lab III)
  • Hydrogen measurement in liquid steel (Electronite-Hydris)
  • Argon bubbling during Ladle treatment (Inclusion floating and S removal)

    Vacuum Degassing

  • Messo Germany
  • Tank Type
  • 30 t Capacity
  • Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen removal in liquid steel
  • Accelerates inclusion float and Sulphur removal.

    Wire Injection

  • Al, CaSi, CaFe, C, S, Ti, B, Nb, Bi, Pb wire injection facility for alloying and getting proper microstructure in product.


  • Concast Swiss
  • 2 strand (+1)
  • Submerged Casting ( Liquid steel is protected against air attack(Reoxidation and renitrogenisation ) from ladle to mould.)
  • Magnetic stirrer.

    Dedusting System

  • AAF England