Hacked by Karim-TN Hacked by Karim-TN
Hacked by Anonjocker

Hacked by Karim-TN
Anonjocker Team
Greetings world we are Anonjocker
We will Inshalaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers Take You Off From The InterneT ! Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Account , Your Servers ... Are In Danger ! We Never Forget what You Do against the Humanity ... In Afghanistan Millions Of People Were Dead... , Pakistan's Muslims Are Killed In The Force's Attacks... Israelien Forces Destroyed Palestinien's Families ...Killed Innocent Childrens ... But No One Cares !!!!
You Want To Stop Us !! But Let me guess ! Can a Men Catch a Shadow ?! Dear Admin :We Just Want To Publish Our Message !
Operation save Gaza...engaged. Expect us !

We are : Karim-TN <> Sniper-x <> Ghost Sudan <> M.u.I HaCker <> Moroccan Wolf <> Sd Attacker